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Idley is no-longer maintained, backup your data!

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High Performance and uptime with a cheap monthly cost.

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Host your projects on the cloud or dedicated hardware!

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Website Hosting

Host your personal, business, any website on powerful hardware!

Easy, simple interface

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Pterodactyl Panel is one of the world's most secure, easy to use, performant and good looking game panel, that is why we modified it and we use it to ensure our customers get the best possible experience.

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No Hidden Catches

Hosting without any hidden costs or catches? We got this! That's our primary goal! We aim to be as transparent with our users as possible! You can keep up to date with everything with do on our Discord Guild, or talk with us through email, we are friendly!


Free Subdomains

We provide subdomains for all of our Minecraft Hosting users completely for free! These subdomains are, and, so you can customize your server's IP Address, this domain will be with you as long as you have your server!


Setup in 3 minutes or less

We know how annoying it can be to wait on progress bars to load, no one likes waiting in line either! That's why we have made sure to make the server setup process as easy as possible!


Develop, we do the rest

Isn't it annoying when you have to constantly worry about not only maintaining your project, but also maintaining the Machine running it? Choosing Idley, you spend more time developing your server!


Using excellent hardware

All of our nodes are powered using powerful hardware, such as the AMD Ryzen 9 3900 CPU and the AMD EPYC 7282 CPU that score very high scores in CPU benchmarks! We also use DDR4 RAM to get the most performance out of RAM to provide the best possible performance.


What our users think about us

All reviews come from our Trustpilot, from real people, just like you!

Person 1

5 star review

Kyle Rae

This is made so well it's hard to explain. They have free hosting for many different things such as Minecraft servers and discord bots. I have never seen lag with them or an idle time with my discord bot. The team behind this service are amazing people and i truly thank them for contributing to such a truly beautiful service.

Person 2

5 star review


Best server hosting made by Idley, me and my friends always wanted to play Minecraft together, but we didn't have any server to play on, so we tried to make a server on Idley, it has an easy interface, no lag and is very fun to use. I will give it 5 stars!

A load of features

that you gain from using Idley as your Hosting Service!

DDoS Protection

All of Idley's servers are DDoS Protected.

Great Support

Our support team is ready for your questions!

Console Access

Run commands on your server through the console.

Unlimited Plugins

Add as many plugins to your server as you'd like.

No Player Limitation

Let as many people join your server as you want.


Vanilla too plain? Add some mods to spice it up!

File Access

Manage your server files through the web panel.

and a lot more...

Just give us a chance, we won't let you down!

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