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What is Idley, how is it free?

Idley is a hosting service that was established during the Autumn of 2020, we aim to provide the best Free and Paid hosting that we can provide with as less compromises as possible, whilst having a slick user interface and being easy to use! Idley is owned by a team of developers who work under Idle Development, Idle Development owns Idley and many other cool projects! So, how is Idley free? Idley is mostly ran from serving Advertisements to our users, an amazing service called Arc.io and all the amazing people who purchase our Paid Plans! Yes, we do offer Paid Plans too for people who want even higher performance than on the Free Plan and the prices are quite cheap, so you might want to check them out here.

What is Idle Development?

Idle Development is a team of developers, working on many projects such as, but not limited to, Idley, Dustie, Idle Bee Farm, iRadio and much more! Idle Development has it's own website over at idledev.org, there you may view extra information if needed!